Interview With Chetan Batra, Author Of ‘Never Fade Away’

Kindly enlighten our readers about your book, Never Fade Away.
Never Fade Away tells the story of Yohan and Aditi, who are in love with each other. Their relationship goes through different stages of upheavals, yet they always find different ways to love and support each other. The day comes when an unforeseen incident changes their lives forever. Aditi is critical, and Yohan is in peril of its own, helpless.

What happened that kept them stranded in such difficult situations?
Will they both get up and start all over once again?
The book is a heart-warming tale of love, hate, rejuvenation and above all, justice to be served at any cost.

How much research and efforts were required on your part to complete this masterpiece.
Never Fade Away is my dream project, to make it a success I need to channelize my time from studies. Being a law student, it makes a position a little different. I had to manage passion with my profession so extra efforts were duly required. It took me almost 4 years to finally publish this book; it’s been an incredible journey throughout. There was a time when I lacked motivation to complete the story, and almost made the decision to quit.  But, one fine day I recognized that this story possesses all the elements, which are required in a good book. I reallocated my steps, and then decided to take it to the end. And see today, Never Fade Away is shining like a star.

How do you manage writing along with your profession?
This is the question; most of the people ask me. I’ll be pure and honest with this. Writing is what inspires me, and law is what defines me. I have made a proper schedule, schedule that goes infinity and purifies my life.

Each day I keep at least 3 hours for writing, it goes on 5 to 7 sometimes and remaining hours I am into law research. I keep things balanced, which is must for all. Never let your conscience ever broke you, keep yourself focused and remain motivated all the time.

Self Publishing vs Traditional Publishing, which one do you prefer and why?
We must not dwell on the difference. Self-Publishing has its own merits and demerits, and same goes with Traditional. It depends on the author, which method seems fit to him or her. Before going for either way, you must not have a doubt in your mind whether going for self or traditional. You must be precise and confident, and aware of trade offs. Do what your heart says, or if at any point you seem confuse. You can always ask me. Just ping me on FB Messenger. That’s it. 

Which International Authors inspire you?
I am big fan of Agatha Christine and R.L. Stine. Both the authors are amazing.

What according to you in unique about your book?
Never Fade Away is not just an ordinary love story, it’s a saga. The book is a power packed performer, and also conveys an empowering message to women. Every author weaves his words with so much affection with one constant in his life to make things better and better. This is my best shot till now, I am sure I won’t disappoint the readers. Grab your copy, and I promise you it’ll be a great entertainer.

Do you have any suggestions to help someone become a better writer? If so, what are they?
Yes For sure. There is a writer in everyone. You just need to recognize that talent, once you aware with the things. I must say you are halfway there.

Try to write every day, even if it’s just a line or two. Try to make a routine that sets you in, discover the superhero elements that lie within you. Write what suits good on you; don’t dwell on your grammar skills. Write it first, and edit it at later stages. Just go with the flow, don’t let anyone break your rhythm. Once you are all in, nothing can stop you from being a great writer.  

Write it first; just go with the flow, and then edit it in later stages. Because little steps every day add up to big results. All the very Best.

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