Interview With Dharvin Vinod Vasani, Author of ‘You Are Mine’

About The Author: A Banker by profession, Dharvin Vinod Vasani was born on 6thjuly 1990 in Bhiwandi, small city in Mumbai. He did his master’s in management studies from Mumbai University. His interest for writing piqued during his MBA days.
You are mine is his debut novel inspired by the stories around him. He believes that the luckiest person who walks on the earth is the one who finds true love.

Chit Chat session

Kindly enlighten our readers about your debut book “You Are Mine”
It’s a story of a college going couple. the twists and turns in this fictional love story will enhance the anxiety of the reader to know more about the book by  each passing chapter. It also shows how love at first sight can change your entire life.

How much research and efforts were required on your part to complete the book?
It took around 3 years to build the story and 1 year to publish it. Being not a regular writer, it was tough to write this one. But I was a regular reader and this helped me a lot while writing the story. To your surprise, I started writing with the end first. I wrote down the end part of the story and from there I framed the situations to get the end I wanted. So basically , my last chapter was completed even before I started with the 1st chapter.

How do you manage writing along with your profession?
It was really very tough to manage both the things. When I started writing, I was with axis bank and my office hours were terrible, 15hrs. I used to write it till 2 pm or sometimes even after that. And the most amazing part is, my family was not aware of all this. It was only after I signed contract with my publisher , I informed my family about this venture.

Self Publishing vs Traditional Publishing, which one do you prefer and why?
I would prefer or rather suggest Self publishing. It gives you free hand to think and to take charges of your own titles, covers and marketing angels. Traditional publishing is a loss of creative control.

Which International Authors inspire you?
Paula Hawkins, Robin Sharma, Paulo Coelho

What according to you in unique about your book?
This story is somewhere connected to my life also. I have tried giving recognition to the people who have touched my life and now are important part of my life. Also, the story will keep you connected right from the 1st page and the twists and turns will enhance the reader’s anxiety.

What is the most fulfilling part of writing? And what is the most challenging?
Writing a book itself is the most fulfilling part, but the most satisfactory part is you can pen down your thoughts and let the world know what’s in your mind. It lets to write what you can’t explain. And the most challenging part is when you are stuck at particular point and you have no clue where to turn your pen now.

Do you have any suggestions to help someone become a better writer? If so, what are they?
For readers – Keep on reading books and support the writers point of view, be it fictional or nonfictional. Not everyone has same taste. It takes years to build a story and hardly few days to read.

For writers- there is something Indian authors lack when we compare with other authors. Lets try some new genre,

What is the next book that you have planned?
That’s the tough question to ask for. Have not given a second thought yet. But yes, it will always be in the back of my mind to write and think on some another genre.

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