Interview with Meenakshi Luthra

Interview with Meenakshi Luthra

Interview with “Meenakshi Luthra”
Author of “I sailed life on a ship”

Meenakshi Luthra is the author of much appreciated book “Golden Days – love, craving and relationships”. She was born and brought up in New Delhi. She is a graduate in Mathematics from Delhi University and Post Graduate in Computer Application. While working on the project of ship in her job, she was inspired to write this second book “I sailed my life on ship” and also got this astonishing insight into a sailor’s life on ship. She is a mathematician by mind, a programmer by profession but an author by heart.

Chit Chat session

Tell us a little about yourself and your background?
I am graduated in mathematics and post graduated in computer applications. Since childhood, I had keen interest in expressing myself in words. I love talking to different kind of people and each individual inspired me to express them as a character of my books.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
When I wrote an article in my school time, one of my aunt appreciated me for the maturity of article I had written in a column of magazine. Then I started writing at large scale. I showed my interest in writing poems, short stories and kept it only to me. When I started working in an MNC and got busy in professional life then I realized that I should not go far from my passion of writing. So, to motivate myself I kept writing in the part time, and few of my friends liked my manuscript. Then I decided to publish it on a large scale.

What have you written? Give us an insight into your book
My first book was “Golden Days – love, craving and relationships”, which was well appreciated. It was a story of three phases of life, student, professional and marriage. In the 2nd time, I decided to write something on unusual profession and I found it Marine Engineering. Being an IT employee, I was working on Indian Navy project. While working with Navy guys, I realized its not just fun to sail on ship, but one need courage to live on water for months far from family, far from earth.

What made you write “I Sailed My Life On A Ship”
Marine Engineering is the toughest profession I have ever known. I wanted to write an inspirational story and while working on the project of Indian Navy, I thought to make inspirational story on sailing. I wanted to show that how a phobic person made himself strong enough to sail from one sea to another.

How is your story different from the other stories available in the stores?
It is romantic story, but like other books it has less acceptance and more rejections. It is an inspirational story, but here is no more role model. It’s a one’s fight with himself, not with anyone else. It’s a story that shows the social issues under which an individual can’t make decisions for his own favor.

How long it took you to write “I Sailed My Life On A Ship”?
It took 1 and half year to finish manuscript of “I Sailed My Life On A Ship”

What are your ambitions for your writing career?
I want people to love my stories and accept me as an author. Usually people don’t accept female authors, but I have all faith that people will accept my stories. I write to inspire people, I want them to relate themselves as one of the character of my book. They should ask for more after reading my book. My idea is to make people happy, smiling and inspired from by stories.

What does your family think of your writing?
They are proud of my writing skills. It is only their support that I am capable of finishing two books and both are well appreciated by Readers.

What difference can your book create?
It can change thought process of people. It can bring positivity among people. If one will invest spare time in reading books, then it will bring positivity in their behaviour and sharpen their mind. One read books in school, college to score well and to make a better career. But one read novels, stories to dive into the imaginary universe of beautiful characters. This difference I want my book to create at a large scale.

Which writers inspire you? Why?
It is none other than but J K Rowling. Her own story is an inspirational story, no one can beat her. I have learnt from her to never give up, life is too short and you have to play big role in this short life. So just do it, don’t think much of it.

Your book is available at?
[vc_button title=”Amazon” target=”_self” color=”default” href=””]
On Flipkart, shopclues, payTM and many others ecommerce sites. Ebook is also available on various ecommerce sites like KOBO.
One can also get Kindle version for it from Amazon.

What is the hardest thing about writing?
To think like a character you are writing for. If your book has 10 characters, then you have to think differently like those 10 characters.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
Never give up on your writing skills. Anyone can write, but few of them make it their passion.

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