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    Interview with the child prodigy author Ananya Rajaraman

    Kindly acquaint our readers with your book “Magnus Hooper: A Contentious Inheritance”
    The book is a second crime fiction novel in the ‘Magnus Hooper’ duology. It is set in 21st century England where Magnus Hooper, a criminal detective, solves the mystery of Agatha Brus Alistair, a board of member of London’s famous museum, who is murdered over a strange piece of heirloom.

    How did “Magnus Hooper: A Contentious Inheritance” happen? Could you describe the journey?
    As a third grader, I remember pouring into pages and pages of Hercule Poirot novels, and began writing crime stories at age nine. Magnus Hooper: A Contentious Inheritance is the product of my interest in historical fiction and crime novels, which I hoped will produce, from my imagination, a gripping crime thriller…

    You are a student. How do you manage writing along with your studies?
    Writing is much of a routine for me as is brushing one’s teeth. I don’t look at it as a separate entity to incorporate in my life, rather a part of life itself.

    How much research and efforts were required on your part to complete this book.
    A lot. Several pages of research on English and Scottish history was to be done to connect the historical element to the criminal element. Criminological research on the behavior of assassins et cetera, was also a vital part for me to digest to produce the story in a natural flow.

    You have written a crime thriller. How did you arrive at the core idea?
    I develop the plot as I write. My first draft of the story was very different from the last. I like to improvise until the very end.

    Which writers inspire you most?
    I draw inspiration from Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, besides Ken Follett and Jane Austen.

    What Next? (in terms of future projects)
    I have been trying to explore a completely different genre. I’ve been trying to compiling grammar treatise over a period of four years, and hope to complete it soon for publication.

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