Sample Chapter of The Amigos

Sample Chapter of The Amigos

Sample Chapter of “The Amigos”

Title : The Amigos
Authors : Tanmay Dubey & Rahul Tiwari
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About The Book

We are the future of this country and we should stop taking things for granted. We need GMD in our generation. Losers cannot make a winning nation…

Three friends from College – Rahul, Ritesh and Rehan are living their respective mundane lives. Until one day when an incident makes them come back together after 6 years. They relieve their old memories when they had joined the college. Their strong bond had made them deal with college pressures, make new friends, discover love and handle the toughest situations, all the while having the best time of their lives. Ritesh had a mantra of GMD. This mantra helped him in his life, be it in college when he and his friends had to face crooked professors or bullying seniors or later on, while choosing his career path and negotiating every challenge that falls in his way. But what is GMD? Who has it in them? And how should you use it to realize your potential? Will that incident change the course of life of these friends?

A story of friendship, bonding, revolution and growing-up, The Amigos will resonate with everyone who has experienced strong bonds and long-lasting friendships in college and beyond.

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About the Authors

Tanmay Dubey : Based in Gurgaon, Tanmay Dubey is an IT Professional for over 15 years. After his hugely successful first book “Just Six Evenings” by Rupa Publications that drew rave reviews, “The Amigos” is his second book. When not busy spinning a yarn, Tanmay can be found reviewing latest Bollywood films on his popular Facebook Page “Tanmay’s Movie Adda”.  He can be reached at [email protected].

Rahul Tiwari : He is an Electronics Engineer and after working in IT companies like Wipro and IBM for 6 years he quit his job to follow his dreams. ‘The Amigos’ is a part of his dream. He currently lives in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh and spends his time as a farmer and an entrepreneur. He is a gamer by choice and loves to travel different parts of the world. He can be reached at ‘[email protected]

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