Sample Chapters of The Unknown Realm: War and Beyond

Sample Chapters of
The Unknown Realm: War and Beyond

Sample Chapters of The Unknown Realm: War and Beyond

Title : The Unknown Realm: War and Beyond
Author : Prashant Wason

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About The Book

“Young Sam led a busy and mundane life. Between managing a part-time job and school simultaneously, his passion for football was his only solace. He had only a couple of friends to call his own, unsure of where his family was.

His life was torn asunder after he started hearing a mysterious voice and befriended a new girl at school, Elizabeth Swift. He learned the truth about the voice within him. It was his soul: Frazen, who was speaking to him.

Now, he and his friends must make a perilous journey to the most desolate place in the world to release Frazen and others into another dimension: a magical world where they belonged, one where a war has been raging for a century, guided by an ancient prophecy.

Driven suddenly into the heat of battle, fumbling between legends and myths from the past and unearthing deep secrets about himself and his family, can Frazen end the war? Can he restore order and find peace before a wicked veil covers Sam’s material world?”


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About The Author

“Prashant Wason is a ninth grader and loves penning down his thoughts. This is his first Young Adult fiction novel. With this book, he marks his entry into the world of published writing. He writes poetry as well. The essence of his poetry reflects upon the insights of the world around us. Prashant discovered his passion for writing when he was ten. He is a voracious reader and a meritorious student. He has won many accolades in various school competitions.