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    The Uncut Broken Wings Sample Chapters

    The Uncut Broken Wings

    The Uncut Broken Wings

    Title : The Uncut Broken Wings
    Author : Jonica

    Sample Chapters


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    About The Book

    She has always assumed her life to be perfect, but little does she know that she is living in a nightmare. If she isn’t going to come out of that nightmare, her life will surely be a cursed one. This story is a battle of dreams, clash of emotions, and a matter of life with unexpected twists and turns.

    Shrya Tiwari, a seventeen-year-old girl, has always dreamed to be a fashion designer. Her parents have always looked at her as an IITian and have always believed that she will become an IITian soon. They started dreaming the moment Shrya gave her first cry. Her best friend since they were kids, Andrea, has started turning their relationship toxic. Will Shrya and Andrea be best friends or bitter foes? Will Karthik, her boyfriend whom she loves with all her soul, understand her love or lose her, breaking her tinder heart with his hammer of character? Gaurav, a fashion designer from NIFT, is perfect in all aspects from physique to character but loses his heart to Shrya the moment he sees her. Will he ever be able to win her heart? Will Shrya ever be able to see the love Gaurav has for her?

    Will she ever win, overcoming the barriers? Or will she stop running towards her destination, seeing the rocks and stones all her way? Will she lose her parents or dream in the long run? The story revolves around dreams, love, friendship, one-sided love, heartbreaks, sacrifice, the roller coaster of emotions, and the bitter side of things that seemed to be perfect when seen with eyes.

    About The Author

    Jonica is an Undergrad law student at Tamil Nadu National Law School, Trichy. She completed her schooling from Montfort school, Trichy in March 2016. She also writes poetry, essays and short stories waiting to be published. She won the second prize in an essay writing competition conducted by TANGEDCO Ltd. Her poem on ‘Favourite teacher’ was published in the Indian Express.


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