There is time for everything (by Siddharth Sinha)

There is time for everything (by Siddharth Sinha)


There’s time for everything !
Time for you to dance, time for you to sing.
Living every moment of your life,
Few with tears, rest with joys.
There’s time for everything !

A time when you were born,
Your mother !
Kept rest of the world aside,
To see you smile & cry beside.
Always had time to keep an eye on you,
And do all other stuffs and just say a word “Phew “
She watched you grow in front of her eyes,
And saw you go through all sorrows & joys.
There’s time for everything !

A time when you have friends,
It seems like the world never ends.
No matter how hard things get,
You’ll always have time to forgive & forget.
No matter how things get to perish,
You’ll always have time for every moment to cherish.
There’s time for everything !

And at last comes the time when you get older.
Remembering the times of past,
Vivid, but yet that would forever last.
Laughing at the times you cried,
And crying at the times you laughed.
Remembering the last goodbyes,
Before, forever closing your eyes.

– Siddharth Sinha



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