When to use an Exclamation Mark

When to use an Exclamation Mark?

In Grammar, Exclamation mark or point is a type of punctuation mark. It usually shows strong feeling such as anger, joy, excitement, surprise and so on. Using an exclamation mark in writing English is much like shouting or raising your voice when speaking English. But using an exclamation mark in writing English has actually changed quite a bit in the last ten years. In this English Grammar lesson you will learn the correct usage of Exclamation Mark.

Traditional rules :
1) An exclamation mark is added when you warn someone.

Eg – Be careful! ,Stop! , Don’t touch!

2) An exclamation mark is added at the end of an angry statement.

Eg – 1) I disagree with that!
2) Don’t you tell me that!

3) When you want to indicate a strong command, you add an exclamation mark.

Eg – 1) Clean that now!
2) Send it now!

4) Add an exclamation mark when using Interjections.

Eg – 1) “Ouch! that hurt”
2) “Aww! that’s sad”

5) An exclamation mark can be used to close questions that are meant to convey extreme emotions.

Eg – What on earth are you doing!
Eg – Are you serious!

In the past few years people have started to do a lot more informal writing because of social media. This has changed the way people use the exclamation mark in writing English. It is used to show a friendly note or suggests that the writer is happy,excited or smiling. Some examples of the current usage of exclamation marks are as follows :-

  • Example – Happy New year to all my friends and family! ( When you wish someone in writing,you add an exclamation mark)
  • Example – Great Game! We Won! ( Expressing happiness)
  • Example – You are so adorable! ( Expressing love)
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