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    Zenova 20 Review

    Zenova 20 Review


    Zenova 20 Review

    Title : Zenova 20
    Author : Reetwika Banerjee

    About The Book

    ‘Zenova 20 – Finest Assortment of Short Stories’ is a pool of whims and fancies perceived through author’s inner eye, depicted in the form of humble short stories in similar strokes of her debut book ‘Fantastic 40’. It contains 20 crispy short stories, written in simple English- mostly encompassing the nine human emotions (nava ras) enthralled through our five senses. Though a work of fiction, the readers would be easily able to relate themselves with many of the characters depicted in the stories. Target readers will mostly aim young adults, however, it will also attract anyone who enjoys perspective based plots, supernatural orientations, social enlightenments, periodic milieus, nature’s bounties, touch of thrills and sweet love stories.

    Zenova 20


    Zenova 20 – Finest Assortment of Short Stories by Reetwika Banerjee, as the name suggests, is a collection of 20 short stories.  The book opens up with the story of Salbani and continues with other interesting characters. Every story is unique in its own way and shows the author’s love for nature and traveling. The major attribute of most of her stories in the book remains the unpredictable climax. The author hasn’t left any stone unturned. She has used each & evry element in the story whether it’s tragedy, horror or humor. Narration is done in simple language. All in all it is a good read.
    My ratings for “Zenova 20” is 3.5/5

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