‘Stumbling upon a sinful mystery’. Mystery is one genre that is loved by all the book lovers. The thing about mystery is that it is embedded in life. ‘How mysterious can life be?’

The book stumbles upon the wanderlust in Aditya who has always been in a habit of taking something back with him from all the places he visits. His next adventure is the Land of Thunderbolt – Darjeeling. Much like the name the place comes with its own lightning past about Zinnia who is Aditya’s contrast. He happens to be a tenant in her mother’s home and wins the hearts of everyone around him, all thanks to his understanding nature.

“The mirage was broken. What she knew as the truth turned into a fiction to beguile her, the person she had been living with for so many years turned into someone she never knew until then”

Much to Aditya’s wanderlust style of life where he refuses to stay in one place for too long and would not settle for anything or anyone, when Zinnia isn’t by his side – he feels lost. Zinnia with her absolutely different and rigid notions about life where she believes that stability is of utmost importance is a mystery herself. A mystery that Aditya stumbles upon and just can’t let go of.

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Namrata Gupta, a young author holds a degree in English Literature. Her debut novel was ‘A Silent Promise’ released in 2015 and has since won many hearts. She is an avid reader and blogger who regularly writes blogs and for websites. A young influencer, she also shares the wanderlust with her character Aditya.


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