Rediscover Life’s Complexity with eShan’s “Letter to Future”


“Letter to Future” by eShan takes you on an eye-opening journey through the intricacies of human existence. It’s not just a book; it’s a thought-provoking ride through time, a deep dive into what it means to be human, and a call to action for those ready to face life’s complexities head-on.

eShan acts as your guide, leading you through the past, present, and future with seamless storytelling. Along the way, you’ll encounter profound insights on life, gender, sex, marriage, family, and existence itself.

One highlight is eShan’s “Family Registration System,” a unique idea that makes you think about your role in your family and its wider impact on society. It’s presented with such seriousness that it forces you to reflect on how your choices shape your life’s path.

What makes “Letter to Future” truly special is its storytelling approach. It keeps a firm grip on your mind and soul, prompting introspection and challenging your long-held beliefs. eShan effortlessly blends deep themes with moments of humor and awe, making it an engaging and enlightening read.

The book explores a wide range of topics, from yin-yang philosophy to the concept of virginity and even the enigma of cyclic redundancy. eShan’s ability to tie these seemingly unrelated elements into a coherent narrative showcases his storytelling skill.

“Letter to Future” is more than just a book; it’s a valuable source of wisdom. It encourages you to question the status quo and embrace change. By shedding light on the darkest aspects of human existence, eShan equips you with the tools to navigate life’s complexities and create a brighter future for generations to come.

In summary, “Letter to Future” is a captivating and enlightening read that challenges your views on life and relationships. eShan fearlessly explores the human experience and offers a visionary perspective on the future, making this a must-read for anyone looking to gain knowledge and chart a path toward a more enlightened future.

Letter 2 Future

by eShan

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eShan’s “Letter to Future” is like a wild rollercoaster ride through life and time, packed with wisdom and humor, challenging you to question the way things are.