Adjective – A word that is used to add something to the meaning of the Noun is known as an Adjective.

All adjectives answer three speci?c questions about the nouns or pronouns they are modifying:

What kind? – strong, cheerful, red
Which one(s)? – this, that, these, those.
How many? – few, some, three, several.

Adjectives have many different endings. Many adjectives are created simply by adding certain suffixes to words that were previously nouns or verbs.

Some adjectives end in -ful. These adjectives describe noun or pronouns that are full of something or have a lot of something.

  • a joyful smile
  • a cheerful baby
  • a powerful machine.

Some adjectives end in -ous.

  • a famous writer
  • a dangerous job.

Some adjectives end in -y.

  • a sunny day
  • an easy test

Some adjectives end in -less. These adjectives describe a person or thing that does not have something.

  • a meaningless word
  • a fearless fighter

Some adjectives end in -al.

  • actual
  • final

There are some adjectives that end in -ic, -ish, -ible, -able, -ive and -ly.

  • enthusiastic shouting
  • a selfish act
  • visible footprints
  • comfortable clothes
  • expensive jewelery
  • friendly teachers

Many adjectives end in -ing.

  • a smiling parents
  • loving parents

Many adjectives end in -ed.

  • boiled eggs
  • reduced prices

Many adjectives end in -ar.

  • familiar
  • regular

Adjectives can be further classified into different categories : Adjective of Quality, Adjective of Quantity, Adjective of Number, Demonstrative Adjective, Interrogative Adjective, Possessive Adjective, Distributive Adjective, Proper Adjective.

1. Adjective of Quality – Adjective showing the kind or quality of nouns or pronouns are called Adjective of Quality.

Example :

  • He is a good boy.
  • My friend is wise.
  • Sara is smart girl.

2. Adjective of Quantity – Adjective which shows the quantity of thing is called the Adjective of Quantity.

Example :

  • He ate the whole apple.
  • There was no milk in the jug.
  • I ate some rice.

3. Adjective of Number – Adjective which expresses the number of persons or things is called the Adjective of Number or Numeral Adjective.

Adjectives of Number (or Numeral Adjectives) are of three kinds:-

a) Definite Numeral Adjectives, which denote an exact number; as,
Cardinals – One, two, three.
Ordinals – First, second, third.

b) Indefinite Numeral Adjectives, which do not denote an exact number; as,
All, few, certain, no, etc..

c) Distributive Numeral Adjectives, which refer to each one of a number; as.
Either pen will do, Every word of it is false.

4. Demonstrative Adjective -This Adjective straight=away points out the person or thing concerned. The four words this, that, these and those are called demonstratives.

Example :

  • I am ready to buy this house.
  • Those cows are white.
  • That boy is intelligent.

5. Interrogative Adjective – Interrogative Adjectives are used with nouns to ask questions. E.g. What, which, whom, whose.

Example :

  • What color is her hair?
  • Whose shop is this?

6. Possessive Adjective – This Adjective expresses the state of possession of nouns. Possessive adjectives show possession or ownership: my, her, his, its, our, their, your. because they are used with nouns and do the work of Adjectives.

Example :

  • Is this your desk?
  • My aim is to become a doctor.

7. Distributive Adjective – This Adjective expresses the distributive state of nouns.

Example :

  • Every body has one or the other pet.
  • Neither of the two men is trustworthy.

8. Proper Adjective – Adjective that is formed from proper noun is called proper Adjective. Proper adjectives are derived from proper nouns and are almost always capitalized.

Example :

  • An Indian girl.
  • an English woman.


SOURCEGrammar In English
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