“Aimed at the youth, this book is an ideal crash course on all things fashion”, says Bhushita Ahuja in an exclusive Interview

About The Author:
Bhushita Ahuja is a 16 year old girl from New Delhi, currently studying in The Shri Ram School, Moulsari. She is the co-founder of Samvedna NGO and an avid researcher. She holds a keen interest in personality analysis and everyday psychology and that’s how she began exploring the correlation between clothing and societal perception. A born leader, a creative individual and an ambitious teenager… Bhushita is all set to embark this journey in the literary world.

Please tell us about yourself? 
I am Bhushita Ahuja, a 16 year old girl from Delhi and currently studying in the Shri Ram School. I am the co-founder of Samvedna NGO and recently became an author after my book, Open Your Wardrobe for Answers got published. I’m an avid researcher and I love to express my thoughts in the form of words. I am quite interested in everyday psychology and personality analysis and I feel have a creatively inclined personality. 

Since when did you start writing? 
I’ve been writing since a very young age because penning down my thoughts always helped me clear my mind and feel lighter. When I was 5 I remember that I used to love forming sentences. I was in the editorial board of my school since Grade 5 and writing has always been my passion. 

You are just 16 years a old so when did you actually realize that is writing is something which you would like to pursue seriously and publish your own book
I feel age is never a limiting factor when it comes to achieving you dreams. I began writing for my school magazine early in junior school. Then I began penning down poems and articles for other magazines and newspapers. My teachers, family and friends always appreciated my expression and encouraged me to pursue writing professionally. That’s when I decided to explore authorprenurship and when I gained exceptional interest in the subject of clothing psychology, I decided to dedicate my first book to it. 

Who is your motivation or what inspired you the most? 
The person who inspires me the most is my mom because she is the most dynamic and down to earth person I have met. Her life story is a pure inspiration and I admire her thoughts and perspectives more than anyone. I personally feel my mom is a genius psychologist though she never studied the subject at school. She has such a deep sense of how the human brain works, how people react and behave and how so many unnoticed factors affect people‘s’ personalities. Mom has researched a lot about child psychology and parenting and that’s how I got an interest in the subject and began exploring the dress psychology. 

Tell us more about your book- “Open Your Wardrobe for Answers” 
Open your wardrobe for answers is a self-help book that covers the untapped subject of clothing psychology. Aimed at the youth, this book is an ideal crash course on all things fashion. The book begins with addressing the importance of the first impression. It talks about the five types of personality and how dressing habits are affected by it. The book further covers colour psychology and suggestions from Vedic scriptures on what should be worn when. In addition to this, Open Your Wardrobe for Answers enlists fascinating facts about dress psychology and includes fun activities that can be used to overcome the everyday wardrobe crisis. A short and sweet book, it is really helpful to those who want to understand themselves better by interpreting their style and wardrobe patterns!

“Open Your Wardrobe for Answers” indeed seems to be a unique book with a different plot. How did you arrive at the core idea? 
I absolutely love clothes and not many people know this but I’m quite into fashion and trends. I love shopping clothes, trying on different styles and dressing up in general. I moreover come from a background which deals with fashion and clothing and henceforth have a great deal of interest in the subject. A few month ago, I was intrigued to understand how my dressing habits express my character and attitude. I just normally started researching this out when I discovered that to my surprise clothing was actually a globally recognised “psychology.” As I researched, my interest amplified more and more and when I had a lot of content and knowledge, I decided to write a book on what I had realised and discovered through this. 

Can you throw some light on your future project(s)/ forthcoming world? 
My upcoming book is going to be about gender inequality and I have named it ‘Why ‘womankind’ doesn’t exist?’ Gender biases and  inequality is a subject very close to my heart and through this book I hope to tap on issues that are still very much prevalent and must be solved. I also plan to write about digital psychology and dream psychology in future!