Purgatory Voyage: encountering life after death by Adarsh Khare

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This story dates back to 925 AD of a village person, otherwise living peacefully, whose life is thrown into turmoil consequent to an extraordinary experience of the afterlife, an outcome of his own deed (karma) and sense of inquiry.  The story is beautifully weaved with threads of mythology, traditional Hindu beliefs, and folklore. At the same time, there is a conscious effort to bring out the social behavior, rituals, and festivities of village life of that period along with the political order of the king with his subject.

The king of then Jujhoti-Khand, of present-day Bundelkhand, undertakes a 10-days purgatory journey (voyage) to Yam planet through Yamraj Temple located in Bharmaur in Champavati (presently Chamba) to relieve his kingdom from 5-years of continuous drought, believed by him to be due to divine wrath against people’s sin of his Kingdom. Along with him, though somewhat sneakily, goes a common villager “Kali”, the protagonist of the story, to satisfy his curiosity of life after death and also to know the exact reason of drought. While the King has no memory, as is decreed by divine law, of what happened to him during those 10-days of a short stay in the Yam planet, Kali, a purer soul, is able to recall everything in graphic detail due to a blessing given by Chitragupta, the minister of Yamraj and the record-keeper of virtues and sins of all persons.

What follows is a gripping narration of Kali’s other-worldly experience of his visits to after-life planets of hells and heavens, of torments and punitive actions meted out to sinners, and accounts of suffering the souls, have to undergo for the various sins committed in their earthly lives. The author seems to have largely drawn from “Pretkalp” part of Garudpuran for making such a vivid description of the splendors the city of Yam, horrors of various hells and the excruciating journey of an ordinary soul through all this.

The most interesting part of this novel is the day-by-day recount by Kali of incidents, pain, and suffering of his soul and other fellow souls in his 10-days sojourn to different types of hells and also exploring parts of Yam City and heaven. The curiosity of a reader is held on toes as an account of each day unfolds, much like Arabian nights.

The “Purgatory Voyage” a hugely fascinating story in which one cannot leave reading halfway. It latches on to your curiosity and leads your imagination till you reach the end and sigh a sense of relief and joy of having gone through the upheavals along with the protagonist of the story. I think this is the achievement in writing this book. 


Adarsh Kumar Khare is a software professional with more than 20 years of experience in the software industry. He holds a Master’s degree in Software Systems from BITS Pilani. He graduated from GBPUA&T Pantnagar in Computer Engineering.

He has contributed many technical research papers in national and international journals. He has also attended many international conferences and presented papers. Many of his articles of general interest have also been published in newspapers.

Adarsh is passionate about mythology and occultism. His debut book was ‘Full Moon Day’. This book is a riveting account of Kalidas’s purgatory voyage. The story demystifies the mystery of after-death life. He currently resides in Bengaluru, India along with his wife and sons Krishna and Kartikey.