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    Author Srijan Kabra talks about his latest book [Interview]

    About Him : Srijan Kabra is not just another kid on the block, he is gifted with talent, never-ending enthusiasm and charisma of attracting everyone. His imagination and sketches will take you in the world where the spirit of facing all odds and winning will come alive, along with a twist of adventure, thrill and fun. He loves simple life, friends gathering, small funny tales and sci-fi movies with loads of popcorns.

    Inspired by everyday events, he writes fictional stories involving his characters Aven, Steven and many more. His expert writing skills will be easily felt when you will read about childish thinking, imaginations to get superpowers and the issues they solve to save the world. For his readers, let us give you the names of previous two editions. They are ‘Journey to the space with Blahman,’ and ‘Blahman and the attack of the wicked zombies’. Hope you’ll will enjoy the 3rd instalment of fun filled journey of saving the world.

    So, here’s to our conversation with Srijan Kabra..

    Congratulations for the third installment of your book “Blahman and the Terrifying Terror of Jesica” and for all the lovely reviews! How are you feeling?

    I am ecstatic to see that the 3rd book in the series is done. During the pandemic ERA, it was a little hard to stay motivated, finding time from my studies was very hard, so seeing that it’s all done makes me extra happy!!!!!

    I love to tease my sis, so sometimes it’s really hard for me to decide whether I should write a book or just keep on teasing her and let her go to mom to complain about me… so you see, it’s all part of the day and really hilarious.

    I was hopeful that my new book installment will make my fans around the world very happy, however I am super excited to see the level of acceptance and appreciation of this book… That is really beyond imagination. Couldn’t ask for more. I am delighted, obligated and super-duper happy

    As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

    Well, let’s be honest…. When you are really really a small kid, everyone gives you loads of advice, of course by looking at some of your talents, but for sure, those advice are very different and thinking through them makes you nervous…

    So, something similar happened to me too… I was really clueless about what I wanted to be… but when I was in 3rd grade I started to draw. If you think about it, the drawings have more meaning if it’s not just done as a scribble on paper. This is the most important difference to understand as a child and I guess, I just somehow got it right. May be through god’s grace or I just have a good DNA

    I started drawing stick characters and making my own stories with it. I think my Mom started noticing it, she started showing it to her friends and soon enough, I was famous among friends/family members – especially with kids. I think I was able to show what a child might think and imagine and then, able to present the same ideas through my stories and characters. So, the trend continued and here we are with the 3rd book

    When I was in 6th grade, my 1st book got published, that made me super happy. Got positive reviews and loads of blessings made me realize my potential, so I decided to put bit more work into it and rest is history

    How do you select the names of your characters?

    I just let my mind decide it, follow my instincts’ Also, sometimes take help from my friends and they give good names (most of the time).

    Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?

    I think this is an interesting question. Let me put it this way, First of all, when my readers think of me, they think I am bit more elder then I really am… also I have noticed that initially they might think that it’s just another book on the shelf, but as soon as they start reading, the story catches their brain pulse and starts creating curiosity in them to know what’s coming in the next chapter.

    This is what I have been listening from my readers, apart from what you might have read on the online platforms like Amazon etc.. I see mostly my readers are happy and I am able to give them a much needed adrenaline rush. I think I am happy with that, as an Author!

    What is the next book that you have planned?

    Frankly, I have some ideas for further stories, not fully made up in my mind but some bits-n-pieces here-n-there that needed to be glued together…. and probably will also take up some other forms of writing…. Who knows now? And why bother now? Let’s see where my hobby takes me

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