How To Write Good Fiction

How To Write Good Fiction

Writing can be challenging. Here are some helpful tips to get fiction writers on their feet, then soaring.

Writing Your Own Fiction Book

Be creative! Imagination has no limits. Don’t let other people steal your ideas.

2. Get an idea. Plain and simple, it may come in the form of a dream, or perhaps that annoying dog across the street sounds like it’s saying cookies. Any idea can be excellent.

3. Write your idea down.
No matter how stupid it may sound, it could be good. Maybe that idea about the dog that says cookies is lame, but someone will like it, or you can change it a bit later on.

Work out the details and main story line. What color is the dog? Is it a boy or a girl? It could even be both! Why does it want cookies? How does it get the cookies? There are many questions that you can answer but decide on the story line before you get on the details.

Don’t copy other authors.
Bob Atkinson is a great author and illustrator and he doesn’t copy Nick Bland. Be yourself.

Decide if it’s a short story or novel. How many pages or chapters are there? Get the basics.

7. Write a rough draft.

Spell check. Change it if it says its incorrect, if it doesn’t seem right check with someone who knows English as a profession. Don’t leave it to chance.

Read through it again.
Does it make sense? Have your friends and family read through it. Let them make changes with a pencil or pen.

10. Retype it with the corrections and send it to a publisher.


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