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    Idioms List

    Idioms List

    1. Add fuel to the fire
    Meaning : When something is done to make a bad situation even worse.
    Example : In the world of politics it is a common observance for the opposition to Add Fuel To The Fire when any crisis occurs.

    2. To beggar description
    Meaning : Highly indescribable
    Example : The beauty of the Lotus Temple beggars describable.

    3. Beat about the bush
    Meaning : Irrelevant talking.
    Example : Do not beat about the bush, come to the point.

    4. To blow one’s own trumpet
    Meaning : Boast himself.
    Example : He always bore us by blowing his trumpet.

    5. Break the ice
    Meaning : To find solution.
    Example Everybody was tense after the fight between the husband and wife then a common friend broke the ice by starting the dialogue between the two.

    6. To Build castle in the air.
    Meaning : Day dreaming.
    Example :  He is always building castles in the air and does nothing in reality.

    7. To break the news
    Meaning : To tell.
    Example It was Ravi who broke the news of your progress.

    8. To burn the candle at both ends
    Meaning : To waste money and health quickly.
    Example : If he burns the candle at both ends, he will soon be ruined.

    9. To burn the midnight oil
    Meaning : To work hard.
    Example : One has to burn the midnight oil in order to do well in the I.A.S. examination.

    10. To carry the day
    Meaning : To win.
    Example : Sabina carried the day in the inter- school debate competition.

    11. To come of age
    Meaning : To reach the age of twenty-one.
    Example : My sister comes of age next year.

    12. To cut a sorry figure
    Meaning : To be ashamed.
    Example : She cut a sorry figure in his maiden speech.

    13. To die in harness
    Meaning : To die while still at work.
    Example : Lal Bahadur Shastri died in harness in Tashkent.

    14. To eat humble pie
    Meaning : To apologize humbly, to yield under humiliating circumstances.
    Example : In spite of all her brag she had to eat humble pie.

    15. To end in smoke
    Meaning : To come to nothing.
    Example : All the  efforts of the principal to bring him round ended in smoke.

    16. To find fault with
    Meaning : To claim.
    Example : You should not find fault wit others.

    17. To follow suit
    Meaning : To fallow example of.
    Example : The leader left the meeting: others followed suit.

    18. To get into hot water
    Meaning : To get into trouble.
    Example :  Ritu defied her boss and got into hot water.

    19. Go to the dogs
    Meaning : To say that a company, organization or country is going to the dogs means that it is becoming less successful or efficient than before.
    Example : Some think the company will go to the dogs if it is nationalized.

    20. At one’s finger tips or ends
    Meaning : To be expert in.
    Example : All the important topics of history are at my finger tops.

    21. To keep pace with
    Meaning : To remain equivalent.
    Example :  You should keep pace with your classmates and teachers in the school trip.

    22. Keep someone at arm’s length
    Meaning : If you keep someone at arm’s length, you do not allow yourself to become too friendly with them.
    Example : It’s not easy to become friends with Sophie; she tends to keep
    everyone at arm’s length.

    23. To keep in the dark
    Meaning : To keep away from the truth.
    Example : My brother kept me in the dark about this matter.

    24. To kill two birds with one stone
    Meaning : To get double benefit with one task.
    Example : To deposit money in this scheme is to kill two birds with one stone.

    25. Leave no stone unturned
    Meaning : Do full efforts.
    Example : Delhi government left no stone unturned to make common wealth games a success.

    26. To lose heart
    Meaning : To lose courage.
    Example : You should be brave; brave men do not lose heart in difficulties.

    27. To make both ends meet
    Meaning : To earn daily living.
    Example It is not easy for a middle class family to make both ends meet these days.

    28. To make good the loss
    Meaning : Recover.
    Example : I have made good the loss he had done me.

    29. To mind one’s own business
    Meaning : Avoid interruption.
    Example : You should mind your own business.

    30. To nip in the bud
    Meaning : To check the growth of.
    Example : We should always nip the evil in the bud or it will overcome you in the end.

    31. To play false
    Meaning : To cheat.
    Example : Do not play false with your parents.

    32. To pay in the same coin
    Meaning : Behave in the same manner.
    Example : Gandhiji didn’t believe in paying people in the same coin.

    33. To pocket an insult
    Meaning : To bear insult.
    Example : When her friend insulted her she pocket this insult.

    34. To rain cats and dogs
    Meaning : Heavy rain.
    Example : It rained cats and dogs yesterday.

    35. To see eye to eye with
    Meaning : To be agree.
    Example : You do not see eye to eye with me in this matter.

    36. To take to task
    Meaning : To scold.
    Example His father took him to task for not coming at time.

    37. To take heart
    Meaning : To dare.
    Example : Take heart and try again.

    38. To take to heart
    Meaning : To take on heart.
    Example : The old man took his daughter’s death to heart.

    39. To turn one’s head
    Meaning : To change the mind.
    Example : Riches have turned his head.

    40. To turn a deaf ear to
    Meaning : to be unperterbed.
    Example : Turn a deaf ear to all the nonsense she speaks.

    41. At one’s beck and call
    Meaning : Ready to serve.
    Example : Governor of a state has hundreds of officers at his beck and call.

    42. To be at large
    Meaning : To be free.
    Example : The police have not been able to trace the thief who is still at large.

    43. At sixes and sevens
    Meaning : Scattered.
    Example : In kids room things are always lying at sixes and sevens.

    44. Red-handed
    Meaning : In the very act of committing the theft.
    Example : The thief was caught red-handed.

    45. To be wide of the mark
    Meaning : To have no relation with the matter.
    Example : Your remark is wide of the mark.

    46. Hand and glove
    Meaning : Closed relationship.
    Example Vivek and me are hand and glove with each other.

    47. To be out of pocket
    Meaning : No money.
    Example : She is out of pocket these days; we should help her with money.

    48. To be out of sorts
    Meaning : Sick.
    Example : He is out of sorts today.

    49. To be in a fix
    Meaning : Confused.
    Example : I am in a fix and do not know what to do.

    50. To be in good books
    Meaning : To be in favour.
    Example : We should be in  the good books  of our elders.


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