The Ballad Of A Resurrected Love

The Ballad Of A Resurrected Love
– Divya P.S. Rawat


To resurrect the love in a broken heart, once came a lover so smart
Emerged an appeal from the broken heart
It pleaded to let it be in peace in pieces
But the lover inexhaustibly used his wooing art.

Day and night, he expressed; he impressed
To put the broken pieces back, he tried his best
The broken heart was reluctant
But it kneeled at destiny’s behest.

Then a day came, on the arid land, it rained
The ardent lover won the game
The broken heart was mended
It took a form of a romantic dame.

Days turned rosy, dame in lover’s arm felt cozy
In the air, there scattered the romance
And two souls united under the stars
But that all was planned, nothing was left to chance.

Aim was achieved, unfolded something dame hadn’t perceived
Out of habit, the lover got bored
The season of love turned blue
The dame shattered, losing him she couldn’t afford.

The lover left, to dame’s wailing he acted deaf
Nothing was left to mend
Once in pieces, the broken heart turned into ashes
Love, life and romance for ever came to an end.

About Divya

rawatDivya P.S. Rawat is a Post-graduate in English Literature and a teacher by profession. She is an avid reader and  loves to read romance novels and poetry. She has also contributed  a poem to a poetry anthology ‘Melody of Life’.

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