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    An Interview with The Author of ARIHANT: REVENGE PAR EXCELLENCE

    About Mr. SHUBHAN BALVALLY:  He is a debutant writer and this is his first story. He is a Member of FILM WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA, where he has also registered his story titled ARIHANT-REVENGE PAR EXCELLENCE. Currently, he is working as a Freelance Films Manager for a company known as WILLIAMS LEA TAG WORLDWIDE. So basically, he is from the world of Advertising and Films, having started his Career in Feature Films, T.V Serials, Documentaries and then eventually settling down in the Advertising Industry. He lives and works in the city of Mumbai, India.

    So below is our conversation with him.


    What is your writing process like?

    For me, obviously, it starts with a germ of an idea, which I then develop into what I call is a “POINT-WISE STORYLINE”. Post that, I flesh out each point which then develops into a full-fledged story! During the “POINT-WISE STORYLINE” phase, I observe each point carefully, to see if certain points can be interchanged, to get a better narrative flow. Once I lock that phase, I move on to fleshing out each point, which then transforms into a full story.

    What is the first book that made you cry?

    As far as I remember, there’s no book over which I have ever wept. But yes, there was one Chapter from the SHIVA TRILOGY, which described a fight sequence between a queen and her adversary, and I was very moved by how Author Amish had fleshed it out. I was extremely impressed! Also, I just love the way AYN RAND used to write. For me, she’s the best Author in this world.

    What are common traps for aspiring writers?

    It’s very easy for aspiring writers to get carried away with a certain style of writing or with a certain idea! But one has to look and re-look at what is the end result. It should match the general sensibility of the reader as well. Otherwise it makes no sense in the end. For e.g: One may write or describe a certain Chapter, which he may find sensational! But if the reader can’t comprehend the narrative, then it makes no sense! The writer’s efforts are completely wasted. By saying this, I’m not advising writers to write clichéd stuff, but whatever she or she writes has to be comprehended clearly by the reader in the end.

    If you didn’t write, what would you do for work?

    I anyway hail from the world of Advertising and I had started my journey as an Assistant Director in Feature Films. And then gradually had moved on to Advertising, working in the Film Departments of various Advertising Agencies in Mumbai. And I love my job!

    Do you view writing as a kind of spiritual practice?

    Not exactly. But yes, I do go into some different world, where I can clearly visualize my story! If some people may want to call it a spiritual or a divine experience, so be it!


    So, readers, this was Mr. Balvally for you all. Please go and get your copy of Arihant: Revenge Par Excellence today.


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