Here’s all you need to know about author anuj tikku’s latest book. (Review)


To start with the view on the book from our end, it’s quite difficult as the era now, has been witnessing way too many cases on rape, sexual assault and forced sexual attempts where on one end, is the scam happening which can be referred with the term called porn.

While the Indian government has somehow succeeded in banning all of the porn sites later in the years 2016 and 2017, there have been the Malware like people in the country who’ve somehow managed to infect the humans by developing an application which could melt them into slipping towards this shameful act.

The book is based on a trap like scam which happened in this modern era. Although the book speaks of more than just the actual scam, one can understand the worth the book carries.
The length of the book can take in more than regular time to get done with the read but the entire journey of unveiling secrets in every alternate page of the book, will surely be an interesting one the way I felt about it in an appealing manner. The content is appealing enough whereas the characterization is upto the level of expectation one can have from such read.

Author’s research on facts in reality on such cases, appeared very much real and genuine.

It is completely relatable with the reasons on why the author chose to narrate in this book which speaks on the life of a person named Raj Sundar who appears to be a person handling a business of diamonds but when the cards of life and phases of life starts to unfold, his real work which has been hidden behind the curtains of his positive image falls down and people of the nation realise how a worsened/rotten side of humanity has been unveiled. I liked the concept of the book which brings out dark side of what appears to be so peaceful and positive to the eyes. Author’s narration is rich in class.

The book can be triggering to a few and also contains a few set of words absurd and vulgar which actually is used in the required context as such books talk on things which matter. Author has brought up a serious issue and to talk about it, it involves way too much of efforts and research.

The characterization of Sheikh, Roy, Ms. Shetty and various other characters appeared like one’s actually witnessing all of it happening right in front of the eyes. We are convinced with this book and would truly spread out a word on this.
Overall speaking, this book matters much, and should matter to many of the citizens who’ve been blindfolded through the rich in class people.

A high end recommendation from our end and we would give 4.9/5 as a rating.