Dream Big

Dream Big – Azra Mufti

Short Story

No, you cannot be a Journalist”, argued her mother, but mother , I have been harboring this dream since childhood , this is what I want to do with my life, create stories , dig scoops and shake the world!”, retaliated Aizaa. No reply was given to her retaliation. As opposed to her parents’ wishes, Aizaa wanted to be a Journalist. She had to make a serious career choice after her intermediate exams, but you have to cross a sequence of barriers before reaching your dream goal. Your parents should approve of it, your relatives should give a nod, that aunty in neighborhood would otherwise get something to pepper her talks, and most importantly the society should be able to swallow it. Only then you can pick a career of your choice.

There is a term in management that we are taught known as” Herding Effect” which sums up the mindset of we people. If I have to explain this term, it would be: doing something just because people are doing so! It forms a herd which is blindly followed by others. satirically, ” agar pados ka Rinku doctor ban gaya, hamara minku kyu nhi? ” agar Meena k pas I phone hai, Teena k pas kyu nhi? This is an gory truth revealed in garb of humor!!
Coming back to Aizaa, she could not purse her dream goal because of this” herd mentality”. She was lectured by some mysterious aunties who you occasionally meet at get together that journalism is not for girls! I interacted with some 60 students on” their aim in life”. Out of 60, 30 wanted to be Doctors, 20 wanted to be Engineers and remaining 10 flashed one of those smiles signalling, We are suffering from” I don’t know syndrome”!
30 people our of 60 choosing same profession without being cocksure of it!! welcome to the herd!! I do not want to sound judgemental, and no doubt Doctors are the cream of society and Engineers the rock stars of the Nation, but there is a world beyond these two age old professions!! what about cool professions like Trainer, Golf Master, Flight Attendant , Dietitian, Nutrition Expert or Writer for that matter, that we never dare to dream! People who are hot on goals simply do not want to be a party to sheep population? Do You?; Self knowledge is the DNA of self enlightenment says Robin Sharma, why to explore the museums of past! Human brain is world’s largest filtering device, feed it with new, creative, innovative thoughts. stop majoring in minor things. Feed your intellect. You can prove to be a terrible lighthouse.
Get Up!! Think!! Act!! Inspire! let the creative juices come out of your brain!! Dream Big!

About The Writer

azra mufti I am a freelance columnist and a writer and have written more than 100 articles in different national and local newspapers. I belong to Kashmir and want to make a difference to Society with my writings.
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