Story Of Zubein


It’s dreadful that little things lead people to misunderstand each other.
– L. M Montgometry

Zubein was a decent little girl brought up in the lap of luxury. She had everything she desired. A big house, lovely family and excellent mental acumen. Life was fun for her, but we all know the avaricious nature of homo sapiens. In spite of having all the luxuries, she felt a void in her life. When she was young, she often had sibling rivalry, but time failed to heal the wounds. She grew up with the pseudo notion that she was not given due love by her sibling and mother. She often used to say them “I am not biologically related to you”. The members used to laugh out and soon the tears would vaporize in air. But all this left a huge imprint on her psyche. She grew obsessed with the thought that she was discriminated against in her own family. Few
years ago she disappeared behind the curtains of time forever, but luckily I got a chance to interact with a close acquaintance of her. I tried to dig out the hidden facts about her but unfortunately could not. She lived mysteriously, she died mysteriously. But her story can be an eye-opener for many others who fall in the same vein. Often we commit mistakes that we are unaware of. In a family, it is very important to see that all the wards are given equal love, respect and dignity. There are many Zubein’s in our society. It is the duty of the
parents, especially mother to identify them and nurture them. Mother is an embodiment of love and care but unfortunately some mothers who are star plus fans spend hours watching boob-tube instead of guiding and parenting their children in a proper manner. How could a child feel lonely and unwanted when he has happiness enveloped around him? It is obligatory on the part of parents to have an open talk with their wards and clear all the misunderstandings. Let there be love everywhere! Let every child feel special and wanted.

About The Writer

azra mufti I am a freelance columnist and a writer and have written more than 100 articles in different national and local newspapers. I belong to Kashmir and want to make a difference to Society with my writings.
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