The Other Side Of Paradise

The Other Side Of Paradise
– Azra Mufti

“Why cannot you just divorce yourself from the blanket and explore the beautiful world out there?’, Sofiya uttered the words in a fit of anger and fascination. But the only reaction she got was a vague smile from her only sister Sobia! Sobiya and Sofiya were two sisters, Twin souls; they used to call each other! Sofiya was more of an outgoing and charismatic nature, with thoughts shuttling through her brain coils like fast, frantic centipedes. With energy of more than thousand maniacs, she had it all in her kitty, the confidence, the smartness, you name it, and you get it! A Complete package!! Sobia on the other hand was more of a ruminative thinker! There was something disturbing about her personality, but she never gave vent to it! She mostly avoided making new friends and feigned fake comfort while meeting others! She tried to be even more charming while interacting to make up for the fake charm!

It was one of the casual get together party , where both the sisters received an invitation, Sofiya was very excited about the event as opposed to Sobia, who was hunting for some strong reasons to avoid the gathering. It led to a heated argument between the two! Sofiya tried to seek the help of her mother to actually dig the reason of Sobiya’s anti social behavior. Sobia chose to remain calm, not pouring out explanations for the refusal. Wrapped in an patchwork quilt, she soon engrossed herself in a thick afternoon nap, Sofiya on the other hand apologized her relatives for not turning up for the event! Days passed and one fine evening Sofiya tried to unlock the deep chambers of her sister’s closed heart. She pleasantly questioned her about her mysterious ways and “No FRIEND NEEDED” attitude. Sobiya tried to retaliate, but could not since, Sofiya was an ultimate charmer! Finally she unlocked the mysteries of her heart.

She began her story: Listen sis, I do not have a problem with people, but I think people have a problem with me. I am treated as a “reject” everywhere for the values and beliefs that I hold on are treated as “outdated”.” Explain how”? Sofiya demanded! “Look, if you go out and make new friends, hang out with them, you think it is normal, but for me it is all fake! Because friendships do not demand hang outs and chill outs, it demands respect and unconditional love!! Which are totally absurd in today’s context! Sister, I too had few friends some years ago, but soon my friendship turned into a punishment for them, as I stopped them from doing wrong. They did not like who I had become or because I no longer was a cool member of the group!! “ a grown up baba they used to call me”! sister, I had a nagging feeling of not fitting in anymore, I found peace in my books and busted out my anger in stories by punching the buttons of my laptop! I found an excuse to back out! Soon my friends got tired of rejections and they stopped inviting me! Sofiya was now convinced and felt bad for her sister who had been harboring so much deep thoughts inside her head! She gave her a tight hug and apologized for being rude! Sobiya, on the other hand only said these words with a smile, “ it is ok not to have friends besides, I am alone, not lonely” , why do not you come and see this side of paradise?!!

About The Writer

azra mufti I am a freelance columnist and a writer and have written more than 100 articles in different national and local newspapers. I belong to Kashmir and want to make a difference to Society with my writings.
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