How to Be Successful at Writing

How to Be Successful at Writing

Whether it’s writing a book or a diary, it is still writing; a talent that everyone have and a talent that can bloom by practicing everyday. Now you might ask yourself, ” how do I become a successful person at writing and get praised by everyone? ” Well, It’ll be easy for you once you read this article.


1. Take a paper and write everything that comes to your mind in one minute.

Don’t worry about the spelling, just let your mind flow and write as much as you can. After one minute is done, carefully read everything written on your paper. Take the words and sentences that seem interesting to you and write about them and correct the spelling if wrong.

Write a sentence each day, related to the things and events that happened to you on that day.

Tape the sentences on places where you see and encounter them everyday. Places like on the mirrors, on your laptop’s or computer’s screen and on the fridge. After a week or two, gather all the sentences and make an interesting story out of them and add more things to them if you want.

3. Don’t force yourself to write, write because you love.

Once you start writing, you will also start falling in love with it. But sometimes, because of writer’s block or other reasons, you just don’t have the ability to write anymore. It’s okay! Never force yourself to write and only write when you feel like it. Take breaks sometimes and after that, start writing again. Ideas will eventually come to you.

  • Watch the news. Looking at the events that happen everyday all around the world will inspire you to write more ‘ real and non-fiction ‘ stories.
  • Spend time with your family. There are many things that happen when you’re around your family such as celebrating birthdays and different holidays. If you’re going to have such events in your stories, it will be better to take part in them yourself.
  • Be a risk-taker. This is important specially if you write about ‘ exciting ‘ things in your story. By being a risk-taker, I don’t mean killing a person or committing a crime. Take fun risks such as riding a roller coaster and share your experience from them in your story.
  • Take a trip to a close city or country if possible. Change of atmosphere can help a lot in your story ideas.
  • Carry a notebook wherever you go! This could be for writing whenever you have spare time, or if you need to write down ideas.
  • Outline stories! Some people think it’s boring and useless, but most famous authors do it. Write out a short summary, draw diagrams, do whatever helps you become more familiar with the plot and storyline.
  • Write about the main characters. This could involve drawing them to create their appearance, writing a brief description, and anything else related to your character{s}.


  • Never push yourself too hard to write like a professional writer
  • Don’t stay up all night to find good ideas for your story. Your health and night sleep are a lot more important than your story.
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