“I would term it is as romanticism rather than a threadbare romantic story book,” says Sujay in an exclusive Interview

About Sujay: The author is a former Officer of the Indian Army. He has served with the regiment of Artillery and has been part of counter-insurgency combat missions. He was born in Mumbai and is currently based in Bengaluru. He has enjoyed a career with a century-old publishing house authoring articles that have been published in international defence magazines of repute.

Chit Chat session

Congratulations for your book “The Story Begins At The End” and for all the lovely reviews! How has been your experience so far?
Thank you! It is a mixed emotional feel. At some point, I am elated to have my first book published. Every word in the book is written with all my heart in it. At the same time, it is the start of a new journey for me. Hence, a bit apprehensive as well.

Kindly acquaint our readers with the contents of the book
Most stories have a thread of love. But each one of them has a take-away too – a message that the reader will keep with him for a long time. I would term it is as romanticism rather than a threadbare romantic story book. Some of the stories in the book are symbolic. The first story actually describes the ultimate sacrifice of the soldier when he lays down his life for the country. The heart and eyes are symbolic of this very sacrifice of the departed. It is also that he would always remain with his dear ones back home. Even the story Panchamirtam is actually symbolic of the life journey of a woman and finally she meets herself. I hope these stories reach many more people.

You have served Indian Army in the Short Service Commission cadre. How was your experience and when did you develop love and passion for writing?
I had the most wonderful experience serving in uniform, for the nation. There were so many beautiful moments and then again there were tough instances as well. We travelled to remote corners of the country. This one of a kind journey of life inspired me to write and eventually I developed the love and passion for it.

The story begins at the end is a collection of 16 short stories of varied length highlighting love of different sorts. How did you arrive at the core of the idea?
As I mentioned, it is more of romanticism rather than boy-meets-girl or love-at-first-sight kind of stories. Love also needs a dash of realism. These stories are actually a result of being inspired by people I have met in my life.

What is the next book that you have planned?
I am working on a full-length novel. It is also a love story and but again of a different kind. It takes the reader through the life two people over a very short period of time, who fall in love even though it was never intended to happen.