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    Idiomatic Comparisons

    Idiomatic Comparisons


    • As bitter as gall.


    • As blind as a bat,


    • As brave as a lion.


    • As brisk as a butterfly.


    • As busy as a bee.


    • As cheerful as a lark.


    • As cold as ice.


    • As dark as night.


    • As dry as dust.


    • As easy as ABC


    • As fast as a hare.


    • As firm as a rock.


    • As fresh as a rose.


    • As gentle as a lamb.


    • As greedy as a wolf


    • As happy as a king.


    • As hot as fire.


    • As innocent as a dove.


    • As loud as thunder.


    • As pale as death.


    • As quick as thought.


    • As sharp as a needle.


    • As silly as a sheep.


    • As smooth as velvet.


    • As still as a grave.


    • As black as coal.


    • As bold as a lion.


    • As bright as the day.


    • As brittle as glass.


    • As changeable as the moon.


    • As clear as crystal.


    • As cunning as a fox.


    • As dumb as a statue.


    • As fair as a rose.


    • As fierce as a tiger.


    • As free as the air.


    • As good as gold.


    • As green as grass.


    • As hard as stone.


    • As heavy as lead.


    • As hungry as a hunter.


    • As light as air.


    • As obstinate as a mule.


    • As proud as a peacock.


    • As red as blood.


    • As round as a ball.


    • As silent as the grave.


    • As soft as butter.


    • As slender as a thread.


    • As straight as an arrow.


    • As sure as death.


    • As timid as a hare.


    • As warm as wool.


    • As stupid as a donkey.


    • As sweet as honey.


    • As white as snow.


    • As tricky as a monkey.


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