In a Friendship Review

In a Friendship Review

In a Friendship Review

Title: In a Friendship
Author: Swapnil Borate


About The Book

In modern days of Facebook, Twitter & YouTube, the status of relationship is changing rapidly. It could be ‘Single’, it could be ‘Committed’, otherwise it could be ‘it’s complicated’. But one thing is common in all these and it’s Friendship.
Welcome to the life of five friends. Akshay, a good looking guy who’s friendly with everybody; Priya, the rare combination of beauty & brain; Shree, a guy passionate about anything & everything; Dipti, who thinks she can solve everybody’s problem and Nikhil, a normal guy with take it easy attitude.
Together, they are going to learn the lessons of love, commitment, relationship & friendship. To be in a committed relationship is best, but what’s more priceless is being IN A FRIENDSHIP!!!!

in a friendship review


Positives– The story revolves around four friends and their life. As the story progresses, it takes us to a roller coaster ride  of different emotions. Struggling with their own lives, the characters learn to strategize their life and maintain balance. The book is a simple plot with smooth dialogue delivery. Writing style is smooth and is easily understandable. Overall , the book is a work of fiction but it is a lighter read for all those who loves to read during traveling then this book is the one you can carry during traveling . Furthermore, at some points there were incidents that made it more beautiful, I.e., the tips given by the professor to students after each class. Also, when Akshay said to Priya that,” first impression shouldn’t be the last impression” . However, the best line comes in the end where it says,” some times friendship is much better than being in any relationship or love affair”. Lines like these add beauty to the book and also cover up the negatives. Kudos to the author for such impressive and relatable lines.

Negatives– The cover of the book looks appealing with a crisp story but the story does not meet the expectations of the reader. The balance between the characters’ and their life was missing. As a debut author, I appreciate the efforts of writing a book; however, a lot more could be done to this simple plot including better dialogue delivery and sentence framing.

My ratings for”In A Friendship” is 3.5/5

~ Nikita Ranga
(Reviewer, Writing Geeks)


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