In an exclusive Interview with the Author of “21st Century Buddha,” Shreyans Kanswa

About the Author:
Shreyans Kanswa, 28, who has done his M.Tech in structural engineering, says, “Introverts like me spend a lot of time in their own company and invariably we begin to introspect a great deal. My soul-searching started fairly early and through this book, I compensate for all the times I’ve shrunk from social contact,” Though the author runs a construction business, his love for literature has kept the ink in his pen pouring. For inspiration, he embraces silence and through silence, he creates his stories.


Kindly brief us about your latest book.
It is my first time attempt to a suspense genre and I’m a new and learning writer and this book is my first step towards entering into a character’s mind. The character that I have written about is very similar to Buddha in a way but yet it is poles apart from him. It is this contrast that I often see in myself and others and this book is about that. Its not black and white. It is all the colors at once as it is.

How did “21st Century Buddha” happen? Could you describe the journey?
It started with the title which was suggested by my wife Charlie and it just happened. I began with the Character and it just went on the journey by itself. The character is the one that I loved to create.

The title is indeed catchy and mysterious. Does the book focus more on spiritual awakening?
The spiritual awakening is there but not through any meditation or spiritual practices but through just life flowing as it is naturally. It goes into analyzing our own mind which is enough for any awakening.

How much research and efforts were required on your part to complete this book.
The efforts went into creating and imagining things that I had never gone through myself and it was a joyous and tiring process.

21st Century Buddha is your third novel. How are you feeling?
I’m excited about this one because with each one I’m learning and growing and I love writing.

How would you like to inspire the creative people wishing to make their career in the field of literature?
The most important thing is to keep reading and writing. Reading is a must. The more you read the better you write.

What is the next book that you have planned?
There are two, one in fiction and one in non fiction but still at the idea stage. It can’t talk much about it now. Once the journey is over I would be happy to share.