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    “Inadvertently I got to interact with a lot of people in that world. I think of it as a different world. It can either change you for the worse or better,” says Revant in an exclusive interview.

    About Revant:
    After having graduated from a film school in Mumbai, Revant Bhatia has been working as an actor, dubbing artist and an independent short filmmaker. Making use of his training, he started making his own short films as a necessity to showcase his talent as an actor and in the process, fell in love with the tools of film making as well. He wrote his own scripts with the sole objective of having a very crisp format of storytelling so that the audiences are completely invested in the story. He wrote a full-length script for a feature film, in order to pitch it to different producers but soon discovered that perhaps the narrative also works as a novella. So instead of just pitching it to a handful of people he thought of telling this story to everyone in the format of a short format novel. Hence, he has come up with a concept of creating short format novellas. The experience and the thrill of going through the long format novels will be kept intact and the time consumed in finishing a novel will be greatly reduced.

    Chit Chat Session

    Q1. Congratulations for your book “Emergency Ward” and for all the lovely reviews! How are you feeling?
    Ans. Thank you so much! I have been an avid reader and there are lots of writers or rather storytellers whom I admire. And now to see my name as an author of a published work is truly amazing. Not that I am comparing myself to the greats but it definitely is a great feeling.

    Q2. Kindly acquaint our readers with the contents of the book.
    Ans. We have all been in situations where we had to tend an unwell family member either in a hospital ward or at home. As the patient’s attendant, one gets to witness a different side of the world inside a hospital. The stories of the patients or even the hospital staff around you can either make you cynical and depressed or grateful for whatever you have in your life. I believe this book touches upon that area, not trying to rub the ideology in your face but gently telling a story in a light hearted way. So that the reader can simply pick whatever he/she wants from the story. I hope every reader takes something away.

    Q3. It must be really difficult and tiring to take out some time for writing. How do you manage writing along with your profession?
    Ans. So writing is not an alien field of work for me. I have been a film-making student, I am an actor and I also make my own short films. I end up writing the scripts at least for my own short films. So, storytelling has always been a part of my DNA so to say. I had written this story in the form of a screenplay first, for a feature film. But I realised that the narrative also works as a short format novel. I had been living with the story for almost three years so when I ultimately sat down to convert it into a novel, it didn’t take much time. 

    Q4. Emergency ward is a short novel which talks about different perspectives of life. The book indeed carries a unique plot. How did you arrive at the core of the idea?
    Ans. I have been that kid in the family who was always there whenever a family member was to get admitted or was unwell for whatever reasons. Some of the illnesses have been grave and life-taking while some have just been minor bumps. So, a lot of the incidents are borrowed from my own experiences in different hospitals. Inadvertently I got to interact with a lot of people in that world. I think of it as a different world. It can either change you for the worse or better.

    Q5. What is the most fulfilling part of writing this book? And what is the most challenging?
    Ans. Like I said earlier, the story is very close to my heart. I see pieces of my own life in this story. The situations I have been through or even the protagonist goes through somehow have helped me in developing a positive outlook towards life and this book is a true manifestation of that. At the same time, writing is a very painstaking and lonely process. Forget about this story, I’m talking about writing in general. One has to be really in love with themselves and their own company to be going through the long-drawn process of finding words for your thoughts. And it doesn’t end there, one has to make sure that the material gets communicated properly.

    Q6. What are your Future Projects that Readers are expecting in 2021-2022?
    Ans. I am currently working on a script for a feature film. The story was pitched to me by a Producer. So, it’s technically his baby, I am merely developing it into a fully grown screenplay. I am also working on a script which is sort of in a supernatural space with a hard-hitting message. That’s completely my idea. In terms of writing a novel, I have been living with an idea in the fantasy/adventure space. But I’ll only be working on it after I get done with the scripts I am currently working on. 

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