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    Emergency Ward: A Short Novel by Revant Bhatia

    Product details

    • Publisher : Notion Press; 1st edition (15 October 2020)
    • Language : English
    • Paperback : 60 pages
    • Price : 250

    About The Book

    This is a story of a young boy, Karan Khanna who is dealing with his college life. As the narrative begins to unfold, he starts to transform as a person from a young, timid and a prude boy to a relentless, open-minded and tough ‘man’. He has come home to his hometown Chandigarh, from Mumbai. But his vacation begins on a not so smooth note. He finds his uncle, an unabashed chronic drinker, to be attacked by a brain stroke. He takes him to a hospital along with his father. He is further haunted by a horrifying past which is responsible for him to hate this man, his very own paternal uncle. Can such a disturbing atmosphere filled with death, agony and pain turn you into an extremely positive person and change your perspective on life?

    About The Author

    After having graduated from a film school in Mumbai, Revant Bhatia has been working as an actor, dubbing artist and an independent short filmmaker. Making use of his training, he started making his own short films as a necessity to showcase his talent as an actor and in the process, fell in love with the tools of filmmaking as well. He wrote his own scripts with the sole objective of having a very crisp format of storytelling so that the audiences are completely invested in the story. He wrote a full-length script for a feature film, in order to pitch it to different producers but soon discovered that perhaps the narrative also works as a novella. So instead of just pitching it to a handful of people he thought of telling this story to everyone in the format of a short format novel. Hence, he has come up with a concept of creating short format novellas. The experience and the thrill of going through the long format novels will be kept intact and the time consumed in finishing a novel will be greatly reduced.

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