One Step At A Time By Venkat Iyer


He was a man of immense stature, and he grew beyond the inadequacies that life threw at him. He never thought he was special, and never shared his story, nor let many of his secrets out. The life of Visu [the central protagonist] was an epitome of survival – the victory of a man against odds, clearing hurdles as he moved on, one by one.

Right from his toddler days, when life snatched the most beautiful gift from him, to every step along the way, Visu was bereft of happiness and his tragedies never ended. Visu’s life was a roller-coaster of emotions and a saga of tragedies. Every time he attempted to stand up, he was knocked down.

It took months of pain, years of struggle and decades of determination to regain control of his life, and his body.

And then, tragedy struck once again…

Still, he never gave up… and tragedies also never gave up on him. They were made for each other. Visu’s life is a testimony on how to face adversities and move ahead. And how to encourage, challenge as well as motivate others to move ahead, fight and win the battles of life.

One Step At A Time is a narrative of grit, determination, faith and will-power – the journey, trials and tribulations of a man who faced adversity every step along the way. This lifetime is a living proof on how to inspire others so that they immerse themselves into a life of purpose. Let us walk this journey with Visu, matching him step by step, one step at a time!


Venkat Iyer is an Electronics, Sociology and Mass Communication triple-graduate, a journalist, visiting faculty at a leading Indian University and a communications professional based in Dubai. An ardent reader and an avid listener, Venkat had a passion for writing since his childhood which shaped his career choices in journalism and media.

After stints in leading newspapers in India, Sultanate of Oman, Kingdom of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, Venkat took a leap into the world of Public Relations and corporate communications in Dubai.

With mounting frustration on the mundaneness of his routine life, Venkat turned his focus on becoming an author. One Step At A Time is his first book as he wanted to unravel the trials and tribulations of his father to the outer world. And, there’s more to come!