Potpourri: Stories for Children by Urvashi Tandon

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About The Book

Potpourri is a collection of ten short stories for children in the preadolescent age group. Each story has one or more lessons which are interwoven in the story that aim at increasing awareness among children towards the environment, health and harmonious living in society. The book has colourful illustrations that appeal to little children and the stories can be read out to them. The language makes it more suitable for self-reading from the age of seven and above. Children are our future and raising them to be more conscious and aware will contribute greatly to a better society.        

About The Author
I am Dr Urvashi Tandon. I am a Professor of Anaesthesiology who is trained in Paediatric Anaesthesia. I have served in the Indian Navy as a Medical Officer for 29 years and have a teaching experience of 20 years which includes a stint at SGT Medical College Gurgaon.

I did my graduation (MBBS) from BS Medical College Bankura (Calcutta University) in 1988 and my postgraduation (MD Anaesthesia) from the Armed Forces Medical College (Pune University) in 1998.

I have also done my Sangeet Visharad (Part 1/ Pratham) from Gandharv Mahavidyalay Pune.

I have published several research papers related to Anaesthesia in both national and international journals, written articles for a defence magazine called Quarterdeck and a women’s magazine called eShe. A couple of my travelogues were featured on CNBC TV18 as well.

I have also been a University examiner and Paper Setter for Maharashtra University of Health Sciences as well as the National Board of Examinations.

I firmly believe that we are aware as a society but live a life of convenience. A little effort on our part can help improve our environment and society. Since life itself is fairly fast paced with little time to spare, I thought it prudent to target younger members of our society who are more open and impressionable. If we can instil values in children, we can certainly look forward to a more conscious society in future. It was with this belief that I authored a book for children called “Potpourri stories for children”.

I am currently leading a retired life, pursuing my hobbies of reading, writing and travelling when I can.