Writing Tips


1.  When writing, leave out unnecessary sentences and paragraphs that your readers will skim.

2. Read more Fiction than you write.

3. Give your writing a call of action. Never leave readers wondering what to do next.

4. Don’t lock yourself into one genre (in reading or writing).

5. Dissect and analyze stories you love from books, movies, and television to find out what works in   storytelling and what doesn’t.

6. Avoid “buzzwords” and trending phrases. They will probably annoy your readers.

7.  Don’t write for market. Tell the story that’s in your heart.

8. Get to the point. Use short declarative sentences when you write.

9. When writing and editing, be mindful of four C’s :  clear, concise, considerate and correct.

10. Know your audience. Content suffers when it isn’t user-friendly.


wriitng tips

11. Give yourself permission to write badly.  And just start!

12. Some of the best fiction comes from real life. Jot down stories that interest you whether you hear them from a friend or read them in news articles.

13. Avoid using “very” in your writing.

14. Good writing doesn’t come naturally, it has to be learned through practice.

15. If something doesn’t work in your writing, let it go.

16. Multiple exclamation marks are a sure sign of a diseased mind.

17. Write when you have an idea that feels genuine, important, and true.

18. Never use an adverb to modify the verb “said”. (It’s moral sin)

19. Give your characters difficult obstacles to overcome. Make them suffer. The way, when they triumph, it will be even more rewarding.

20. If a sentence doesn’t serve an important purpose, get rid of it.

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