Sreedevi Talkies by Karunakaran Shaji

About The Book

Indulging innocently in primeval adultery and consummate sensuality, the rustic population of Kotta, sandwiched between ancient hills and enchanting backwaters, perpetually trapped in the cinematic illusions of Sreedevi Talkies; their transition to modernity was replete with disillusionments and disasters. In a saga replete with archetypal and mythical lore from Ulysses, Tiresias, Jesus Christ, Ancient Mariner and Kerala’s historical tryst with Communism — the novel is a lyrical journey into borderless territories of the unconscious, when ghosts let out by the Talkies endlessly ensnare the rustics on the slippery paths between reality and fantasy.

About The Author

Karunakaran Shaji teaches English Literature at RIE, Mysore. His other books are ‘Enchanted Aeolian Harps — Readings in English Romanticism’ and ‘Dark Primeval Male in Thomas Hardy’. He is a native of Chengannur, Kerala.