Too Far Gone by Chandrayan Gupta

Product details

  • Publisher : Notion Press; 1st edition (7 December 2020)
  • Language: : English
  • Paperback : 252 pages
  • Price : 299 INR

About The Book

A teenager sees a bleeding girl with blue hair beckoning him for help before collapsing. When he reaches her location, he finds no one there. No girl, no blood, nothing. Meanwhile, the beautiful, emotionally damaged private investigator Radha Bose and her clinically depressed aide Aditya Gokhale are still dealing with the fallout from the events of The Rage Within. While Radha struggles with the blood on her hands, Aditya finds himself sinking deeper into the clutches of alcoholism. Will they be able to pull themselves out of the abyss and solve the case of the girl with blue hair, or are they well and truly too far gone?

About The Author

Chandrayan Gupta is a young law student and author of psychological crime thriller novels. Possessed of an insatiable need to read and write, he published his well-received debut crime fiction novel Birth of a Duo at the age of 19. He is currently pursuing a law degree in Kolkata, and spends almost all of his free time working on his well-received Radha Bose series of detective novels.