Words Left Unsaid


Words Left Unsaid
by Manas pal

Words Left unsaid

Title: Words Left Unsaid
Author: Manas Pal
Publisher: Notion Press
Language: English

Book Blurb

Manas & Ritu are two different people from two different backgrounds. They end up in Chennai to pursue engineering. This Novel talks about how they become friends and then best friends. In due course of time, Manas gets more and more attached to Ritu emotionally. Is that all ?
What happens when Manas’s emotional attachment towards Ritu grew stronger and stronger?
Will he be able to tell Ritu about his feelings ?
What happens when Manas have to face the worst night more of his life ?
A untold touch unfurls and will Manas be able to handle the consequences ?

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About The Author

words-left-unsaid-2Manas Pal belong to the North-Eastern Hill state of Tripura. He was born and brought up in the small town of Kailashahar situated in northern part of Tripura. He lost his father when he was in Class VII and since then his mom is everything for him. His mom and other members of the family tried best so that the absence of his dad doesn’t affect his life in any way. He completed his B.E. Degree in Civil Engineering from Dr. M.G.R. University in Chennai and currently he works as a Professional Building Planner at the Agartala Municipal Corporation.