You Are The Best Wife

Book Review
(You Are The Best Wife)

Title : You Are The Best Wife
Author : Ajay k Pandey

About The Book

Ajay believes in living for himself; Bhavna teaches him to live for others. Ajay is a planner for life; Bhavna makes him live in every moment. You are the Best Wife is a story of two people with contradictory ideologies who fall in love. It changes them for good. It changes the way they look at the world and the way the world looks at them. Until destiny reveals its plans. This is a true inspiring story of the author and his struggle with life, after his beloved wife left him halfway through their journey. But her last words, ‘you are the best husband’ gave him the strength to live on, and fulfil his promise of love. Told with frankness and doses of humor, this heart-warming tale of a boy and a girl who never gave up on their love in face of adversities, ends on a bittersweet and poignant note as Ajay comes to terms with the biggest lesson life has to offer.

you are the best wife


“You are the best wife” is the love story of a Ajay and Bhavna. Ajay is a middle-class boy who has big dreams of getting into IIT and getting placed in an excellent company. But destiny lands up him into IERT where he meets Bhavna. Bhavna is a very focused and decent girl who comes from a rich and strict family. They end up loving each other and getting into a relationship. But life offers them surprises throughout. One of the main
struggles that comes before them is the truth of Ajay being “Brahmin” and Bhavna being “Kayastha”.

What does Ajay & Bhavna do to convince their parents? Do They Agree? What cruel game does destiny play with them?

Being a debutant, Ajay has a done a great job. He has narrated the story in simple English. Readers can connect with the story through the events and situations as described by the author. Life is so unpredictable and this story really makes you believe in that. “You are the best wife” is an emotional roller coaster and I would like to recommend this book to all the readers out there.
My ratings for “You Are The Best Wife” is 4/5!

~ Maahi Gupta
(Manager at Writing Geeks)


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