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    Book Review : Adventures of an Indian Techie

    About The Book

    Who said all techies have something to do with technology? Welcome to the world of Indian techies. Here you will find two different techie species: The “916 techies” who are the real deal – the hardcore techies, who eat, sleep and breathe technology – and on the other side the “1-gram techie” – the ones who are in the world of IT just to earn a living. Theirs is a special case of being “talk-nologists” instead of “technologists.”

    This is the story of a 1-gram techie.

    He chose computers for his post-graduation when the only thing he knew about it was the spelling. He came out of the college armed with nothing but the confidence to be a “talk-nologist”- simply because he was good at cooking up stories.

    And cooking up he did about how passionate he was about computers, how deeply he was in love with the company whose placement drive he was attending, how good looking the interviewer was and many more. In no time, he was part of an Indian IT services company.

    There started his tryst with the IT industry. In that world, he was a wolf in sheep’s skin.

    Here he will confess whatever he has done, share whatever he has seen, unearth everything he has witnessed… an uncut, unrated version of everything he has to say.

    Ssshh… this is for your eyes only.

    Review : ***** (5 Stars)

    Book Title:
    The title of the book ‘ Adventures of an Indian Techie ‘ is very comical and realistic

    Book Cover:
    The cover image of the book is an animated illustration of a job holder with mighty skyscrapers in the background.

    Inside the book:
    Did your father or mother ask you to repair the desktop or the laptop in the house because it’s running slow and just because you are a techie?
    Did you face humongous lecturers about how techies spend their lives from a relative who hates techies for some reason?
    Did you fail to understand how working in a techno park leads you to be a SPOC ( special point of contact) among the relatives whose children aspire to work at your place?
    Did you anytime want to lie about being a techie just because people expect a lot from you?
    Did you anytime want to harm your manager for his relentless directions to work on something?
    Did you anytime regret being a gem in technical knowledge?

    Then, this book is for you. This book by Nipun Varma is a very holistic approach into the world of techies all around the world. The meetings, the war room days, the presentations, the appraisals, the expectations, the resumes, the con calls, the new job hunts, the weekends and so on that happen in the life of a techie is presented to the readers in a very jocular manner.

    What I like:
    1. The funny take on how a ‘ techie ‘ faces embarrassing situations in his\her life.
    2. The reality that happens in between the relatives and close people when you have a job in IT
    3. The misconceptions that people generally have about techies is presented in an interesting manner
    4. The attitude of the public towards a techie in an Indian family is illustrated in a funny way yet honest way.
    5. The dark sides of a techie’s life in personal and professional areas is very elegantly written

    What I didn’t like:
    Ah! This was and is my life and thus there is nothing in the book to be disliked.

    Every character introduced in the book is 100% realistic and every reader can relate it to self and people around.

    A lighter, sensible and chucklesome narration is found in the book.

    Language & Grammar:
    Simple and easy grammar is used in the book. The jargons that pertain to techies might not interest people from non-techie jobs.

    My Final Verdict:
    Life of a techie in a witty manner

    Book Title: 5/5
    Book Cover: 5/5
    Inside the book: 5/5
    Characters: 5/5
    Narration: 5/5
    Language & Grammar: 5/5
    Final Rating: 5/5

    Review by Swapna Peri

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