I Want To Run Away by Deepa Iyyer

About The Book

Time lies heavily on your hands? Pick up ‘I Want to Run Away’ and time will fly. Pick this book if you like Bollywood. Take a break from your monotonous routine…Take a break from all the heavy stuff you were reading or watching because what you are about to read is a Bollywood type filmi novella…the story is hatke…it is different…don’t believe me??!! Check this out. The heroine Aashika, a girl from a small town, is forced to get engaged to the hero Sanjay by her family. Her boyfriend Aadhi forces her to marry him and resign to domesticity while she prepares to run away from all this and create her own destiny. Whose intentions will triumph??? If you can’t withstand the suspense please read this “”no way qualifying for Booker Prize” novella with a tadka of romance and light moments.

About The Author

Deepa Iyyer is a housewife and this is her first shot at writing. She is happy to have discovered the story telling side in her and hopes to write few more. Reading was a hobby inculcated by her mother though she regrets not continuing it after her school days. Influenced by movies she has tried infusing that in her first novel. She loves Indian food, especially the tangy ones even in international cuisines. Her other interest is music and anything related to art which is beautiful to look at. An introvert by nature sometimes she does love to be around people and observe them.