Interview with Alka Dixit

Interview with Alka Dixit

Dr. Alka Dixit is a practicing doctor and faculty in a medical college in Delhi NCR. She has been guiding people to live a better life by drawing inspiration from her as well as others’ life experiences. A mishap during childhood, deviation from ‘normal’, medical school, love, two kids and now a book, conclude her life in a nutshell. FlipKart

Chit Chat Session

Tell us a little about yourself & your background.
I’m from a very simple & humble family. My father is a retd. Govt. officer while my mother is a housewife. I had a very normal childhood and due to my father’s transferable job I got a chance to live in various remote and suburb parts of India. I completed my elementary education from those small towns only.  After that I did my medical education, MBBS, from GSVM Medical College Kanpur and MD from MLB Medical College, Jhansi.

At present I’m a faculty in a Medical College and living in Delhi NCR with my husband and two sons.

I’m a very simple and positive person who finds happiness in giving. Besides writing, music is my other passion!

How did “Life Is What Matters” happen? Could you describe the journey?
LIWM is very close to my heart as this is my first book, my first baby. I started writing this book in Nov’2015 and it took me around 2 years to complete this book. I wrote this book keeping in mind today’s youths who do not give due respect and value to their lives. I have seen many cases of suicides and losing interests in life and that triggered me to help such people through this book and if I can save even a single life then purpose of writing this book is fulfilled.

There are many parts of the book which surprise me today when I reread them again. It’s just like finding myself through this journey of writing LIWM. It was a delightful and fulfilling journey!

What according to you is different about your book?
LIWM is surely different from other self-help books in many ways. First of all, it’s core message which is to treat your life the way you treat your child. Then there is an action plan which helps you in adapting the core idea. All the problems of day to day life have been addressed and solved in best possible and easiest ways. LIWM has been divided into various parts which first includes Dr. Aditi’s story, her life’s challenges, then action plan which is divided into topics, subtopics and points thus making it an efficient and interesting read.

What is the most fulfilling part of writing this book and what is the most challenging part?
The most fulfilling part to write was the ‘Action Plan’ because in it I discussed life’s problems with appropriate solutions.

The most challenging part to write was Dr. Aditi’s story because it is a true story and I didn’t want to hurt anyone through this book.

Any advice to writers that would like to be published today? How tough it is to be published?
It is really tough to be published through traditional way. However, one can always choose the self publishing as it’s another way to see your book in black and white. But if you want to stick to the traditional way then you should have a killing Book proposal, author’s platform, possibly a good literary agent and last but not the least, commitment and perseverance, which is most important virtue according to me.
If you are dying to get published and if you are working breathlessly towards it then sooner or later, you will get published. It’s that simple!

What is the next book that you have planned.
I have already planned my next book which is a motivational tale in the genre of creative non-fiction.

What are you currently reading?
Currently I’m reading ‘Wings of Fire’ by APJ Kalaam.

Last but not the least we would appreciate some words about our venture, Writing Geeks.
Writing Geeks is a very good platform for the writers, which guides the budding authors in every aspect of publishing and marketing a book.

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