Interview With Nishith S. Parikh, author of Signboard at Dholavira

About The Author: Nishith S. Parikh is a Chartered Accountant by profession currently associated with one of the leading Healthcare Companies in India. Reading and writing are his two absorbing passions. In Signboard at Dholavira, Nishith has blended his interest in Indian history and mythology to write a taut, unputdownable mythological thriller.

Starting with this chit chat session, I would like you to introduce our readers to your book “Signboard at Dholavira”.
Answer: It is an archaeological thriller. The adventure and information covered in this work will surely enhance the anxiety of the audience who love to read about Ancient India. Each chapter will grasp them tightly.
The story will uncover the false myths and will present the scientific view. It’s a story of Professor Gaekwad, the protagonist and the legend of Drona Parva Astras. The book is all about his journey from fighting the evil force, to finding ways to deal with the secret and eventually finding safeguard the same.

So, my next question is in accordance with the introduction of your book – what made you write this book and why you titled it as “Signboard at Dholavira”?
Answer:  Well am very deeply attached to the Ancient Indian History and archaeology. Places and stories of historical importance always attract me. Rather I would like to say that I will prefer to spend my holidays at archaeological and historical places instead of spending my buck at hill stations.

Since my childhood I grew up reading the Ramayana, the Mahabharata and other books of historical importance as also the thrillers and fictions. The messages and incidents therein always fascinated and inspired me. And this reading habit gave a kick to my passion i.e. writing my own book.

Dholavira is a Harappan site located in the Rann of Kutch, Gujarat. And one of the most exciting discoveries at Dholavira is a large wooden “Signboard” excavated there. This is actually one of the longest Indus inscriptions known and however until the Indus script is deciphered, what the sign is saying still remains a mystery.

Dholavira’s reputation was equal to Mohenjo-Daro and I just wanted to retain the historical heritage by informing the people in general through the medium of this book that they should visit such a great place and take measures to promote and safeguard the place.

So I decided to link the story of my book with the Signboard. Signboard is the primary theme of the book that gave the story a good plot. 

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
Answer: I am always imagining myself like I’m in a different story, living in a dreamy world. When I read a fiction I imagined myself as a part of it or say when I watch any Hollywood movie say Spiderman, Batman, I Imaged myself as a those fiction superheroes.

Hahah…That’s impossible so this thing also inspired me a lot to develop my own world as a writer.

Again Reading and Writing are my passion, since my college days I used to write several articles which used to be published in college magazines regularly.

What difficulties you faced while writing?
Answer: Well the utmost difficulty I faced while writing this book is to spare time from my busy work schedule. Being finance professional you have to work for hours completing assignments and ensure compliance by end of various so called “Due Dates”. In between this tight schedule I always find it difficult to devote time for my passion about writing.

Again when you are writing a book that is relating to your history, you have to be precise and have to undertake a vast research.

How long it took you to write “Signboard at Dholavira”?
Answer: I started gathering facts about the subject back in 2017 and it took me around one and a half year to develop a complete fiction work.

What is the next project you’re working on?
Answer: Well you will come to know about the same when you finish reading the whole book.

What advice you would like to give to our aspiring writers?
Answer: My best advice for aspiring writers:
Write what you’re passionate about not what’s on trend.

Develop a thick skin. There will be rejections. Those are only a few people’s opinions.

Write not for to earn money but to express your world.

Last but not the least; we would really appreciate if you say some words about our venture, writing geeks.
Answer: Writing Geeks is a very nice platform which helps to connect the readers. Writing Geeks is a platform for all those who love to write and get to the audience through their writing.

It’s a platform where authors can get to express themselves and bring their stories closer to their readers. I would like to congratulate them for providing such service to aspiring authors.