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    “It is okay if you are not the smartest person, but you should be consistent at what you do,” says Ram in an exclusive interview.

    About Ram: Ram believes that stories are powerful tools that can transform lives. We, humans, have been using the stories as a tool for thousands of years. And What what we are today is because of the kind of stories we consumed growing up.
    It’s not just a philosophy but also Ram’s personal experience. The stories and learning habits helped him transform his life from what it was years ago. And It it has continued to do.
    Ram is Author of two fiction books – The Emperor & DeAttached.


    Briefly Introduce Yourself to the Readers.
    I believe in continuous learning as I am on the journey to explore better ways to live life. And as I go on this journey, I keep sharing my learnings, mostly in the form of stories.

    My story so far in a few words – I started my journey from one small town of Mandvi – Kutch, Gujarat. Working in the field of software products, currently living in Germany. Wrote one classic fiction novel on the way (Title: DeAttached: Shades of Time). And here I am with my second story – The Emperor: Live The Dream in the year 2020.

    Acquaint the Readers with Your Latest Book, ‘The Emperor’.
    From a point when a dream gets formed the first time in your mind and to the point when your dream becomes a reality – A lot happens in-between. One goes through a journey of transformation.

    The story of “The Emperor” will show this journey start from the self-doubts, emotional struggles, failures, and how one goes on to achieve his/her dream against all the odds.

    Your latest book is a motivating book which talks about dreams. How did you arrive at the core idea?
    Whenever I was picking a book to read during my initial days of struggles, I always was looking for a story or a book that show me the complete journey. It is not how-to-do one specific task, but the emotional struggles one goes through while working towards a dream, and how-to possibly win it. I did not find any book, so I decided to write one, with a try to depict the full journey from start to finish – a journey one travels mostly within, and how one becomes a better version of oneself.

    You are a software professional. How do you manage writing along with your profession?
    For me, writing is a tool. A tool which I am using to get better clarity of thoughts – about myself, and to understand things in a better way. I write much more than I actually publish. The habit of writing is also helping me to do my job better. Writing is not an escape for me from my current job, but both complement each other. I believe everyone should write, no matter what your profession is. And it is totally your choice whether you would like to publish it or not. You write to help yourself. You publish to help others.

    What is the most fulfilling part of writing this book? And what is the most challenging?
    Writing this book gave me an opportunity to look back at my own journey. I enjoyed diving into my memories, emotions, and at the end, putting it all out in the form of a story.

    Also, researching a penguin’s life and presenting it in a way that it does not look unreal was a bit challenging here.

    What are your Future Projects that Readers are expecting in 2020-2021?
    As basic as The Emperor is about Dreams, I will try to depict another such basic human emotions in the next story. It is still in the early stage. As it will progress, I will reveal more on my Social Media channels.

    How would you like to inspire the creative people wishing to make their career in the field of literature?
    As the Emperor says,

    “The first step is always to start. You do not need all the resources to start. All you need is a dream. And a belief that you can do it.”

    “Do not compare your journey with others. The time you take vary depending on where you are and where you want to reach.

    “It is okay if you are not the smartest person, but you should be consistent at what you do.”

    “Keep learning. Keep exploring. Keep growing. A little improvement every day. And you will fly one day.”

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