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    Product details

    • Paperback : 136 pages
    • Publisher : Notion Press; 1st edition
    • Language: English
    • Price : 215 INR

    About The Book

    “Here is to all the crazy ones who do not have wings, but have a dream to fly”

    Once upon a time,
    One little penguin saw a dream.
    A dream others believed was impossible to achieve.
    A dream he wanted to pursue but procrastinated.
    A dream that required an act of great courage, but he suffered self-doubts.
    A dream that required him to keep going in every circumstance, but he did not even know where to start.
    How would he overcome these challenges and his failures?
    How would he achieve his dream?
    Travel with him on this exceptional journey of transformation to experience the adventure, see new possibilities, ignite your mind and learn how to live the dream.

    About The Author:

    Ram believes that stories are powerful tools that can transform lives.
    We, humans, have been using the stories as a tool for thousands of years. And What what we are today is because of the kind of stories we consumed growing up.
    It’s not just a philosophy but also Ram’s personal experience. The stories and learning habits helped him transform his life from what it was years ago. And It it has continued to do.
    Ram is Author of two fiction books – The Emperor & DeAttached.
    He is currently living in Germany and also creating products in the software industry.

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