“Life after death is still a mystery. I want to demystify it as per Hinduism”, says Adarsh Khare in an exclusive interview

About The Author:
Adarsh Kumar Khare is a software professional with more than 20 years of experience in the software industry.
Adarsh is passionate about mythology and occultism. His debut book was ‘Full Moon Day’. This book is a riveting account of Kalidas’s purgatory voyage.

Interview Session

Congratulations on your book “Purgatory Voyage: encountering life after death!” How are you feeling?
I am happy to see my book published. I was writing this book for the last two years in my spare time. I did so much research about life after death. I read Garun Puran and many other Hindu scriptures. I also got the information about Bharmaur, Himachal Pradesh. Later I wrote an interesting story with some fiction.

Kindly acquaint our readers with “Purgatory Voyage: encountering life after death”
Incidentally, the idea of a purgatory voyage is not unique to the Hindu faith alone. In Christianity too, we have references to St. Patrick’s Purgatory and the most famous “Inferno” and “Purgatorio” of Dante. The concept of a mortal soul being subjected to punishments for the sins committed in their earthly life is a common theme in all major faiths.

This novel acquaints the reader about life after death as per the Hindu scriptures. Many of the persons who have never read Garun Puran and have no knowledge about life after death, should read this book.

The book has vivid descriptions of different hells, heaven, and Yam planet. It also details the punishment given to the departed soul for committed sins and rewards for committed virtues.

The story dates back to 925 AD. At that time Sahil Varman was the king of Chamba and Bindu Dev Varman was the king of Bindu Khand.

Most of the geographical locations, people, rivers, etc. bear the same names as those that exist in present-day India. This gives credence and authenticity to the story.

The story is much like ‘Arabian Nights’, Gulliver’s Travels. Mythologically, the Nachiketa-Yamraj conversation and Madalasa’s Preaching has some influence on the story. This novel has some inclination to occultism but it strikes a chord with all age group people.

In the later part of the story, some mysteries are revealed like why Bundelkhand is still facing drought every fifth year, and why no one can go for 10 days purgatory voyage nowadays.

You are a software professional. How do you manage writing along with your profession?
I wrote it in my spare time, like at night time and on weekends. I did not devote my full time to writing. It was my part-time hobby.

Purgatory Voyage is a historical thriller with an extremely unique plot. How did you arrive at the core of the idea?
Life after death is still a mystery. I want to demystify it as per Hinduism. The subject of after-death life is very much discussed and creates interest in the people.

The Bharmaur in Himachal Pradesh is a very mysterious place. It is believed that the departed soul first reach Barmaur, and after that departed soul starts its journey to Yam planet. However, Kashi or Varanashi is an exception. Whoever dies in Varanashi does not come to Bharmaur. The Mahakal decrees the judgment instantly.

Many people claimed that they had seen their ancestors in Bharmaur. While moving towards Yam planet, the departed soul has to visit 16 villages. Similar names still exist in Bharmaur. Like the first village is ‘SaumayPur’, you will find ‘Sawan-Pur’ village in Bharmaur.

It is believed that two places never merged in water even in doomsday. They keep floating. One is Bharmaur and another is Varanashi.

Similarly, Bundelkhand is also a very historical and important place and it faces drought frequently. All these facts are combined with fiction in the story.

Which writers inspire you most?
Kalidas, who wrote many plays in Sanskrit inspires me a lot. I am so fascinated with this name that I named, the protagonist of my all novels ‘Kalidas’. Meghdoot is one of my most liked play.

What is the next book that you have planned?
I want to publish a series of novels with a fiction story of Goddess Tara and Buddhism. I have an outline for that. I have to do some research on that.