Review Of Secrets You Never Knew About Stock Market Investing and Trading

Review Of Secrets You Never Knew About Stock Market Investing and Trading

Title: Secrets You Never Knew about Stock Market Investing and Trading: Earn More by Doing Less in the Stock Market
Author: Swaminathan Annamalai
Publisher: Partridge Publishing India
Language: English
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Book Blurb

WHY THIS BOOK IS A MUST READ? This book opens doors to learning more about the following:

1. Earn money without sitting in front of the computer all day during market hours.
2. Identify multi baggers at an early stage and reap maximum profit.
3. Tackling delisted shares that are not traded in the stock exchange.
4. Selling naked options and increasing your chances of winning.
5. Information about IPO and how to get IPO funding.
6. Dematerialising physical shares.
7. The low-down on what BeES is and if it is a safe investment option.
8. Introduction to stock screeners.
9. Different types of scams to impact the stock market.
10. Saving income tax by forming a HUF.

Packed with practical and easy to follow advice, everything is explained in simple language. This book is all you need to make a fortune out of the stock market, in a relaxed way.


The cover is creative and adds to the curiosity of the book. The book is very useful to  people who are doing business and dealing with stock markets / trading every now and then. The book is simple and easy to understand. The author made it a point to explain everything properly. The use of various examples makes the book really interactive.  This book has most of the answers to the questions one faces while dealing with stock markets. The author has made sure to keep the book as interesting as possible. The book acts as a mentor and also shows how much research and experience has been put up to get the book a proper tip- to-tip guide. Highly recommended for all novice as well as professional Traders and new entrants into Trading.

Ratings: 4.5 / 5