Words Denoting Groups

Words Denoting Groups

An army of soldiers.                                                                    

A band of musicians. 

A board of directors, etc.                                                           

A bevy of girls/women 

A bunch of flowers/grapes/keys.                                               

A bundle of sticks and hay. 

A caravan of merchants/pilgrims.                                             

A series of years. 

A chain of mountains.                                                               

A choir of singers. 

A class of students.                                                                    

A cloud of locusts.

A clump of trees.                                                                       

A code of laws. 

A cluster of stars.                                                                       

A company of soldiers. 

A volley of shots/bullets.                                                            

A course of series of lectures. 

A crew of sailors.                                                                       

A crowd of people. 

A curriculum of studies.                                                          

A drove of cattle. 

A fall of snow.                                                                          

A flight of steps/stairs. 

A fleet of ships/motorcars.                                                       

A flock of geese/sheep/birds. 

A gang of robbers.                                                                   

A garland of flowers. 

A grove of trees.                                                                      

A group of islands. 

A heap of ruins/sand/stones.                                                   

A herd of cattle or dear. 

A hive of bees.                                                                         

A litter of puppies. 

A lock of hair.                                                                           

A pack of hounds/cards. 

A pair of shoes/scissors/trousers.                                            

A peal of bells. 

A quiver of arrows.                                                                  

A range of hills/mountains. 

A regiment of soldiers.                                                             

A string of camels. 

A series of events.                                                                     

A sheaf of corn/arrows. 

A shower of rain.                                                                      

A suit of clothes. 

A swarm of ants/bees/flies.                                                      

A team of horses/oxen. 

A train of carriages/flowers.                                                     

A troop of horses.        

A bar of soap/chocolate.                                                            

A blade of grass.

A block of ice.                                                                             

A drop of water/oil/vinegar.

An item of clothing/furniture.                                                   

A loaf of bread.

A slice of bread/cake/meat.                                                      

A bench of judge. 

A pride of lions/peacocks .                                                          

A consignment of goods.

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